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Navigating the Domain Acquisition Process: The Difference Between $20 Base Backorders and $40 Boost Options

In the competitive world of domain name acquisition, understanding the nuances of backordering services can be the key to securing your desired online real estate. Services like those offered by Catches.io provide a strategic advantage in this arena, particularly through their tiered pricing options. Here, we'll explore the differences between the $20 base backorder and the $40 boost option, and how each can serve your domain acquisition strategy.

The $20 Base Backorder: An Introduction

Starting with the $20 base backorder, clients are offered a fundamental service designed to attempt to secure a domain as it becomes available. This option is perfect for those who are looking to acquire less competitive domain names or are just starting out in the domain acquisition space. The base backorder service places you in the running to catch a domain as it drops, leveraging Catches.io's technology and strategy to attempt to register the domain on your behalf the moment it becomes available.

The $40 Boost Option: Enhanced Capabilities

For those seeking a more aggressive approach, the $40 boost option elevates the service by providing full access to Catches.io's syndicated network of partner registrars. This expansive network significantly increases the chances of successfully acquiring a domain. When milliseconds matter, having a broader net cast across multiple registrars can make all the difference in catching highly sought-after domains. This option is tailored for serious domain investors and businesses that target high-value domains critical to their online presence or portfolio.

Key Differences and Considerations

1. Network Access: The primary distinction between the two services lies in the access to Catches.io's network of partner registrars. The boost option's full access to the syndicated network means that multiple attempts can be made across various platforms simultaneously, enhancing the likelihood of success.

2. Success Rate: With the boost option, your chances of securing a domain increase due to the sheer volume of attempts and the strategic spread across different registrars. This is particularly beneficial for highly competitive domains where the first attempt at registration is crucial.

3. Cost-Benefit Analysis: While the boost option is double the price of the base backorder, the potential return on investment can be significantly higher, especially for domains with substantial intrinsic or strategic value. It's essential to weigh the domain's value against the cost of acquisition when choosing between these options.

4. Strategy Alignment: Your choice between the base and boost options should align with your overall domain acquisition strategy. For casual or non-urgent acquisitions, the base backorder might suffice. However, for high-stakes domains that could impact your business or investment portfolio, the boost option is likely the better strategy.


In the dynamic domain acquisition market, having options allows for tailored strategies that can significantly impact success rates. Whether you opt for the $20 base backorder or the $40 boost option with Catches.io, understanding the benefits and limitations of each can guide you to make informed decisions that align with your goals. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, leveraging these services effectively will be key to securing valuable digital assets in a highly competitive environment.

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